I choose to develop my application with the Asp.Net MvC framework because it enables me to develop high quality web applications. The framework utilizes successful design patterns (Model View Controller) and is build using important object oriented principles and best-practices like separation of concerns, loose coupling and testability. While it may take some getting used to for those coming from Asp.Net Web Forms, the initial learning investment will prove worth while.

The Asp.Net MvC framework recently had it’s third major release, while many new features have been added, there are two new features that got me really exited. First is the Razor view engine, which offers cleaner and “easy on the eyes” syntax for the views. Razor comes with full Intellisense support. The second feature is the NuGet package manager which enables developers to easily manage third party libraries and their dependencies from within Visual Studio. NuGet makes installing and updating off all third party libraries a breeze. We will be working with both these new features during this article series. After discussing the framework let’s talk about the application we are going to build.